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The Information Advantage

Lead a better world with Tech for Good

Disruptive technology is changing the world and will force business transformation. By 2027, three-quarters of today’s S&P 500 companies will be replaced.1

Building sustainable businesses that thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution will require the Information Advantage – the outcome of using information to its full potential. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) unlocks the Information Advantage for sustainable growth and the capability to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

How can you unlock the Information Advantage?

Today’s enterprises face powerful headwinds, including information overload, cybersecurity threats, changing customer expectations and global regulatory shifts.

Learn what’s required to unlock the Information Advantage in this white paper by OpenText™ CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea. Discover how disruptive technologies accelerate business transformation.

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The Information Advantage white paper by OpenText CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea

EIM and Information Advantage graphic

OpenText EIM solutions capture, govern, exchange and use information to its full potential while keeping it secure. EIM is a holistic approach to transforming information management, both inside and outside of enterprises.

EIM platforms reduce sprawl and integrate information as it flows through business processes. EIM accelerants are disruptive horizontal technologies. Used with EIM platforms, accelerants process and enrich information at incredible scale to fast-track business transformation.

The Information Advantage is… Giving every company a chance to save the planet

OpenText technologies enable the circular economy. By building green, ethical supply chains and reducing the use of paper, OpenText customers transform their operations to provide new and dynamic experiences, and help save the planet.

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

ECMWF provides up-to-date, verified weather predictions to 22 members and 12 cooperating states for planning coordinated responses that save lives and minimize property damage. Read more

  • Digital supply chain webinar

    Build a better and greener supply chain

    Discover how digital supply chains establish more sustainable business environments.

    View the webinar
  • Ethical supply chain Gartner report

    Get ready for a waste-free supply chain

    By 2029, the circular economy will be the only economy – replacing wasteful linear approaches.

    Get the Gartner report
  • Document capture software and data extraction eBook

    Ditch paper with AI-enabled capture

    Learn how Intelligent Capture can be in incorporated into digital strategies to rapidly transform businesses.

    Download the AIIM report

The Information Advantage is… Improving patient outcomes

The healthcare ecosystem is undergoing major transformations. To succeed, OpenText customers securely and quickly access and share information from various sources, then derive insights that improve patient outcomes.

Zoll Medical

ZOLL Medical Corporation, a leader in medical devices, uses OpenText to improve patient information management, plus ensure quick dissemination and distribution to the right medical professionals. Read more

  • Report - Digital fax solutions for Healthcare industry

    Securely exchange information

    Discover why paperless fax technology is gaining momentum in healthcare.

    Download the IDG Analyst Brief
  • Reduce compliance risk and improve regulatory documentation

    Simplify collaboration and compliance

    Learn how to create a single, authoritative source for regulated content across your organization.

    Download the white paper
  • AI in Healthcare white paper

    Personalize health services with AI

    Learn how AI connects disparate healthcare data to deliver predictive analysis.

    Download the white paper

The Information Advantage is… Providing trust in an untrusted world

More information, technology and mobile devices means more complexity in managing security breaches, criminal investigations and litigation. OpenText solutions help enterprises and governments secure public trust by remediating digital threats, collecting evidence to catch criminals and helping investigators make their cases, quickly and simply.


Novelis, a leading recycler of aluminum products, improved eDiscovery and forensics data collection through OpenText™ Encase. They have saved $1.5 million USD in service provider fees and created compliant file storage. Read more

  • Security and risk management white paper

    Champion effective information governance

    Learn in this practical guide how to align security, compliance and privacy teams for compounded success.

    Download the white paper
  • Legal and compliance best practices white paper

    Tackle challenging legal and compliance matters

    Learn best practices for swiftly finding the facts, witnesses and documents related to an investigation or litigation.

    Download the white paper
  • Artificial intelligence in public sector white paper

    Build public trust in AI through transparency

    Discover the five things to know and understand about artificial intelligence used in the public sector.

    Download the white paper

The Information Advantage is… Delivering the next 100 years of energy

The world’s demand for energy is growing faster than the creation of renewable energy sources. By streamlining operations – and by using predictive asset optimization and maintenance – OpenText energy customers reduce downtime and environmental impacts.

Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Energy modernized its billing and omnichannel delivery to improve customer experience and update correspondence faster. Read more

  • Operational excellence report for the oil and gas industry

    Energize operational excellence

    Learn process and content management best-practices to drive operational excellence in energy exploration, generation and distribution.

    Download the white paper
  • eBook - Predictive maintenance in the energy sector

    Cut costs with asset optimization

    Learn how to use AI and IoT for asset performance optimization and predictive maintenance.

    Download the eBook
  • Best practices in supply chain operations in energy sector

    Streamline supply chain operations

    Benchmark your operations against supply chain best practices to uncover new sources of efficiency and reduce waste.

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A CEO guide to unlocking the Information Advantage

Download “The Information Advantage” white paper by OpenText CEO and CTO, Mark J. Barrenechea

  • 1 Harvard Business Review, Digital Transformation Is Racing Ahead and No Industry Is Immune